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Off Grid Plumbing (OGP) is not just your standard plumbing service. Founded by Tom Saxton, a licensed plumber with a progressive approach to sustainability, OGP assists those wanting to minimise their environmental impact while maximising their quality of life.

Tom launched OGP with the intention of working collaboratively with clients and educating them on the benefits of implementing more effective plumbing solutions. Believing there is no one-size-fits-all approach to conscious living, Tom caters to the needs of clients and treats every home or business as its own unique project.

Given the environmental issues we are all facing, it is important for everyone to assess the way they live and how they can lower their carbon footprint. OGP promotes a more mindful lifestyle, and encourages people to explore ways of integrating sustainable practices into the everyday.

Living off-grid gives people the freedom to worry less and live more. While OGP is able to assist people looking to go fully off the grid, the general aim is to improve the efficiency of those still relying on conventional from energy providers. By offering more resourceful and environmentally conscious options, OGP hopes to generate positive and long term change.

OGP offers a range of affordable and innovative services tailored to your needs.

Based in Northcote; available across wider Victoria.

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Sarah, Fitzroy

Recently one of my girfriends recommended Off Grid Plumbing as we had an issue with water leaking around the tap at the base of the sink. When Tom was there I showed him the leak in the pool house which he promptly repaired for a fraction of the cost we had been quoted by the pool company. He demonstrated not only competent plumbing work, but also a level of respect for me and my home that I have not previously encountered. I recommend Tom for anyone seeking a highly professional and competent man.

Nicole and Simon, Malvern

We came across Off Grid Plumbing by chance and are very happy that we did. We had a difficult sewerage issue that looked like it was going to be very costly and disruptive to repair. Tom came up with a solution that was much less invasive and significantly cheaper. We also had to replace our old ducted heating system. Tom came up with an alternative of hydronic heating. By including a solar element to the system, we have a heating system in place which is cheaper to run and allows us to take advantage of solar power increasing our level of sustainability. Not only that, but Tom was a pleasure to work with. He was responsive to calls, extremely polite and kept everything tidy and clean during his work. We would highly recommend him.

Susan Greer, North Melbourne

I contacted Off Grid Plumbing in regards to some maintenance that was required in my apartment. Upon arrival, it was noted how timely he was and how organised he ran the job. The job required making a little bit of mess but it was all cleaned up and vacuumed by the end of the job. He showed a level of respect for my time and home that I hadn’t come across before in a tradesman; it was very refreshing.

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