New roofs and roofing restorations

To ensure your house is as energy efficient as possible, it needs to be well insulated. Insulation directly under any style of roof will ensure the unwanted cold or hot air stays out of the house and vise versa. We offer ceiling lining to be applied while replacing the roof; this is done with a 7mm ply wood, which adds another layer to the insulation and transforms the ceiling into more of an attic. The roof of any house is the most susceptible area to losing energy. With this in mind, we place great importance on ensuring you have the most efficient insulation that best suits your purpose and budget.

We also offer roof maintenance to ensure that your roof is working effectively. This can be a good way to discover the following issues:

  • Blocked gutters full of leaf matter and debris
  • Blocked downpipe due to leaf matter
  • Roof leaks caused by poor design or rusting in gutters and sheets
  • Leaking flashings

We can install and assess the following products as a way of preventing further issues:

  • Gutter guard
  • Leaf diverters
  • Anti-corrosion applications
  • Insurance reports
  • Spouting replacement and repair
  • General roofing enquiries
  • Rainwater tank installations (see water saving options)

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